F Bombs and Potty Mouth Come Forth

Today a US Federal Court changed course on restricting foul language on broadcast television.  And since 40% the networks aired on Canadian TV are American, parents should prepare to teach their kids some new four-letter words.

While the government’s near-zero-tolerance indecency policy, nudged into law by President Bush, definitely cleaned up the airwaves, the appeals court claims it as a violation of the 1st Amendment protection of free speech.

This shift in policy should worry Canadians, as our CRTC’s laws often follow our southern neighbors soon after.  And the statement that TV stations will ‘be sensitive between 6-10pm’ should give us absolutely no hope that swearing won’t be heard.

It may seem small, but this unfortunate turn of events reveals how the people in charge of administering these laws think, and likely what other leniencies on TV (porn, sexual acts, goriness) will follow.

Conservative groups in Canada should be encouraged to activate their efforts and preserve our relatively clean airwaves.  Let’s do what we can to keep the crass locker room language out of living rooms and away from our kids.

via LA Times

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Mixed Emotion on G8 and G20

Canada’s atmosphere is currently electrified with both hope and disillusionment with this weekends hosting of the G8 and G20 meetings. I find a wrestle inside of myself as to whether the G8 and G20 bring about positive contributions or not. It feels like an inner battle between the possibility of justice on global issues and an overspending that releases fear into people and thrones greed as millions of dollars are spent on one meeting. It becomes a question of whether the means is worth the end and if the proposed end, will really be the end.

Undoubtedly, I agree that it is wisdom for leaders to have a space where they can convene, discuss and make decisions collectively. It creates global community and accountability. Regardless, I do not agree with overspending and using these spaces as platforms to make commitments that are words without substance.

At times within Canada, it has felt as if we are working towards this elusive idea of justice, peace and human rights. It is this destination that we work towards but we lack understanding on what it looks like and what it sounds like. We then support institutions, decisions and processes that seem to fit with where we think we are going, when in reality, we are completely lost. This is calling ignorance, community involvement; a lie can only be lived for so long.

I do applaud the posture of Harper in making maternal and child health a priority at the G8. This is a breakthrough in the status of women internationally and a critical issue that has been demanding attention since the start of history. I am challenging the nations across the world to see maternal and child health as the enforcement of life and to not even consider it to be, the termination of life.

As for Canada, I challenge you to set the pace and lead in a model of government that chooses life before death, humility before greed and practice before talk. Canada, get to a place where your values line up with your policy before you risk losing the faith of your people and the integrity of your authority before the audience of nations.

We can win this.


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Why is child trafficking an after-thought?

As the World Cup is happening at full force in South Africa right now with high levels of enthusiasm, similarly organizations are in an equally high state of alarm at the risk of child trafficking. The World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world and due to a lack of legal protection and unqualified set of laws; there is risk of child trafficking. Pimps are more than prepared to take advantage of this gap and  be on the prowl to drive the local sex trade to greater heights. Considering South Africa’s history of establishing itself as a major hub for human trafficking with 40,000 kids lured into slavery, the alarm is greater.

I find it frustrating that child-trafficking is always an after-thought. These international events that will create hype and profit are established and the safety of a nation\’s children is an after-thought that can be easily pushed out of the mind. For a moment, imagine you held in one arm a five-year- old girl with big blue eyes that  made your heart melt and in the other arm a bag with five billion dollars.  You had a choice to either lay that girl down and set her up for death or lay that money down to set it up for loss, whom would you choose? The human trafficking industry is on pursuit of the killing of a generation of children and the worst part is that their death is not instant, but it is a slow process where the heart dies before the body.

As the World Cup creates an atmosphere of vacation, thousands of children are left unattended and unsupervised with the potential to walk into their own enslavement. The question lingering on my mind is when did parenting quit being a calling that demands dedication into a casual title? Who granted this transition? The moment we neglect our children, we have essentially given up on life, on our planet and on the future of humankind.

Clearly, this issue does not stand alone but is connected with many others such as poverty and AIDS that have set the complex but secure foundation for human trafficking. So to blindly assume that trafficking should just not happen is like assuming that the river should just stop flowing. We need to focus our attention on the issues of our time, or these issues of our time will consume our very authority, if not our very existence.

It is time for our world to open up our eyes and see trafficking and prostitution for the organized crime that is. It is time for Canada to stop supporting movements that create a group of people vulnerable. It is time to remember that there is only one small thing separating us from them; where we were born. If we wake up to that, we will wake up to – that’s our tears in their eyes, our broken bones in their bodies, our pain in their hearts, and if we do not move, one day we will wake up, and that will be us.

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Protect life inside and outside of the womb

by Ashley Beaudin
It was recently reported that the Canadian government has been silent towards Planned Parenthood and their grant application for $18million; this is a silence that has lasted for over 11 months.

As an international organization, Planned Parenthood operates in over 174 countries, providing sexual and health programs, but most controversially, abortion-related counselling. This silence has been very loud because of Harper’s recent bold move within the G8 to oppose funding abortion in developing nations.

Harper has received disapproval for this decision and this elusive silence, but I applaud Harper for making this courageous stance. I find it ironic that we look through history and show disappointment for events that involved unprecedented levels of genocide, torture and fear. Yet in our present state, and blindly, we support and we fight for institutions, organizations and causes that involve hidden, but (an) unprecedented level of forced terminations, fear-based counselling and the killing of life and destiny.

We then pat ourselves on the back and tell ourselves we did the right thing, while close to half of a generation is left missing. When did we go and exchange our identity from “human” to “God”?

I am not interested in seeing Canada support an organization that has more interest in counselling women to take life rather than to give it. If I was interested in that kind of nation, I would move to a nation that is in the heat of war.

Part of Canadian culture is that we do not have the wisdom to see the consequences beyond our actions; rather we are moved by emotion and convenience. I believe if we saw beyond the political nature of abortion and into whom it would destroy, the life it would steal and what it would take away from the earth because of the work that would never be done, we would all raise our hands to stop the movement of abortion on the earth. Abortion is a good liar.

On the same note, it is in our interest as a people to not dare hope that abortion will no longer happen and then watch as babies outside the womb are living on the streets, abused and exploited. The moment that happens, everything else is in vain.

It is time to make a determination in our hearts and in the heart of our policy that life must be protected inside and outside the womb. If abortion rates decreased, but the foster care system became overwhelmed, child poverty increased and the brothels became full, that is as equally wrong.

This is no longer a political debate, it is no longer a moral debate, it is no longer a policy debate; this is a debate of wisdom and common sense. Planned Parenthood receiving government funding is a move of politics and it is a move that should not happen.

When I awake every morning, I will be inclined to protect life, not counsel that it be taken away. The moment we begin to go opposite of what is inside us is the moment that we have denied ourselves to satisfy something that is not us, and that is the moment we have submitted to evil.

Canada, submit yourself to good and protect your kids. If nothing else, do it for the generation of my children. They need to know that their parents loved and believed in them enough, that they were worthy of being alive.

PIC: Medic Media

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British Pro-Abortion TV Ads Are A Wake Up Call

By Tyler Wright
This will infuriate anyone who values life.
According to this London Times article:
– 1/3 of British women have had an abortion.
– Nearly 200,000 abortions happen each year in the UK, up to 24 weeks.
– And the worst part – it sounds like it’s about to get worse.

Marie Slopes International – a pro-abortion charity that performs about 65,000 abortions a year will start running TV ads this week promoting their services.

As a nation, Canada’s social values are not much different than the UK.  And while a lot is being done by grassroots movements in Canada, this British news should prompt Canadians to do even MORE to stop the pro-abortion culture and laws in our country.  Can you imagine it going this far here?

As Canadians, we are standing with the pro-life movement in the UK, and people that are praying and working to stop this mass carnage of innocent life.

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Bragging about Ashley

One of our team’s most accomplished writers is 21-year old Ashley Beaudin.  Ashley has an amazing gift to write powerful opinion pieces defending her moral stance on many issues.

Here are some of Ashley’s pieces that newspapers across Canada have published in the last few weeks:
Winnipeg Free Press – Abortion Stirs Debate
Guelph Mercury – Gay Pride Funding

Guelph Mercury – Abortion is a choice

London Free Press – Where is my Defender?

London Free Press – Harper is not homophobic

Orillia Packet – Gay Pride Funding

Ottawa Citizen – Stopping Forced Abortions

St. Catharines Standard – Stopping Forced Abortions

St. Catharines Standard – Rape Lay

Welland Tribune – Abortion Debate

Cottage Country Now – Abortion Debate

Yorkton This Week – Abortion Debate (Not online)
Niagara This Week – Stopping Forced Abortions (Not online)

If the old adage ‘Fight with the pen, not the sword’ is true, Ashley is a mighty up and coming warrior.

While the favour of God on Ashley is apparent, we truly believe that newsrooms across the country are eager to receive more conservative-minded articles and op-ed letters.

Join us in balancing out the content covered in our nation’s media outlets!!

pic ©Reflections of Life Photography

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Where is my Defender?

By Ashley Beaudin
On Thursday, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson introduced legislation that would force Internet providers to report child pornography or face fines up to $100,000. It is interesting that this bill was proposed under the current atmosphere of a feisty abortion debate in Canadian politics. Both inside and outside of the womb right now, there is lack of protection and room for exploitation.

It is funny how whenever a child is diagnosed with cancer or is killed in a car accident, communities go into mass grieving. But whenever a child is aborted, there is applause and whenever a child is used for sexual pleasure, there is discomfort. We pat ourselves and carry on, yet the lives of Canada’s kids cry and bleed while we sip on martini glasses and champagne.

As a young woman growing up in Canada and one who faced injustices as they came, I always had one question on my mind, “Where is my defender?” As a small child, I saw the illusion of pornography when I was five years old on television. It took one moment to open up a world of sexuality and lust that my five year old body and mind was not made for. From that moment of violation on, there was a cry inside of me to know that I was worth being protected.

There is a generation right now inside our wombs, on our streets, and in our homes that need to know they are worth being protected. If we do not protect our children, someone will. Where we do not rise up; gangs, crime, and sexual perversion will valiantly and without mercy.

While the political world goes off debating abortion, trafficking and child porn; we can choose to forget or we can choose to make a determination that says, “If you protect my kids in policy, I will protect them at home.” Because the truth is that if you are not protecting your kids, you are protecting yourself. Let’s push our support behind this bill put forward by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson with zeal and hope for the future.

pic McMaster Faculty of Health

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