For the sake of this nation

I am appalled to hear that pro-life students were arrested at Carleton University on October 4th, 2010 after attempting to put up a pro-life display on campus.  What is this saying to a generation of students who are supposedly in an environment where education and learning are embraced?

Pro-life groups on university campuses all over the country are being constantly silenced while groups of the opposite view are openly embraced. Universities should be allowing an atmosphere where students can debate freely those issues that can be hard to face.  Why reject all ideas that are different than those of a popular view?

Why is it that the pro-life side of the abortion debate is continually hushed and put out of the public eye?  Must we only take a position that is popular, while being forced to stay silent and hold back the truth about the issue of abortion in our nation?

Just because a view isn’t widely supported in certain arenas, doesn’t mean that it should be swept under the carpet.  Canada was built on equality and freedoms.  Most take things like freedom of expression and freedom of speech for granted until they are put in a position like these students were.  For the sake of this nation, we need to take a stand against this type of injustice.

This article was published in Cottage Country Now, Midland Free Press, The Toronto Sun, The Algoma News, and London Free Press.

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1 Response to For the sake of this nation

  1. Steven Bowers says:

    Totally agree. The argument that the imagery used upset some people rings false as this is type of imagery used by the gov’t to attemp to stop people from smoking. You also have to question why people were offended. If an unborn child is nothing more than a mass of cells, these posters should be viewed as nothing more than human waste. The reaction recieved would seem to indicate that these images have made people uncomfortable. Maybe they should be questioning their discomfort. Maybe they need to question the status quo and our current stance on abortion (which is no stance at all).

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