Free to choose from one side…

Why is the pro-life side of the abortion debate constantly silenced and readily dismissed?

Is there a reason that the majority-backed pro-life position be forced to stay silent and held back, especially since it reveals certain truths?

Pro-life groups on university campuses are one by one being silenced.  Pro-life groups at The University of Victoria, McGill University and The University of Calgary(the list goes on) have been limited in their freedom of speech or had their club status challenged.  All in an effort to censor views different than those of a liberal minority.

What is the point of calling it a choice if public opinion overwhelmingly shows only one side of the argument? Do the pro-abortionists have more rights than me?

This isn’t about the numerous studies that prove abortion negatively affects a woman’s body and the life within her. This is about a free and democratic mainstream media doing their job:  representing the majority of Canadians and other opinions fairly, not just what they think sells papers.
I encourage the media and university faculties to put on a new set of glasses and truly represent choice.  The tragedy of abortion is no longer just the act itself, but that it’s dismissed as a ‘medical procedure’ and treated by the media like a head cold.

Canadian women deserve to be informed from both sides.  Otherwise, how can they can properly choose?

This article was published in The London Free Press, The Guelph Mercury, The Algoma News, The Cottage Country Now, The Midland Free Press, The News Advertiser, and The Southwest Booster.

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