Challenging the foster care and adoption system in Canada

I can feel this frustration in the belly of Canada right now over the abortion controvery and the weak hand adoption has to offer. I know that much of my generation is missing due to the choice of abortion. I know that there are advancements in technology, medicine, justice and education that will be delayed because there are individuals of potential that never made it past the womb. Because of this, I know that I am now carrying more responsibility than those who have walked before me. This is a responsibility I am willing to carry.
In this atmosphere of loss and devastation, this triumphant hero named adoption enters. From a distance, you can hear the cheering of finally finding an alternative that values life but when it arrives on the scene, it’s like it only knows how to be a hero from afar. I want to challenge the foster care and adoption system in Canada right now. It is a system with great potential and intention. But it is a system that has enabled abuse and delayed adoption while the stability of a generation is crucified before them.

I am interested in the ending of abortion, but if we bring children through the womb, only to be destroyed and neglected outside of the womb, everything we have done is in vain. I have witnessed how the little lives of kids in our day are becoming oversexualized, emotionally destroyed, psychologically manipulated and just down-right pushed into a lifestyle of fear. It is like I can hear the sound of a generation crying out, “This is what you saved me for?”

Canada, build policy that protects a generation in the womb and outside of the womb. Make it a priority to build a nation that provides a strong alternative of adoption. Do it for the ones who need it now and do it for the ones to come.

This article was published in The London Free Press and The Midland Free Press.

Photo Credit: Stefanferrero

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