Unreported Serious Crime Is Not A Joke

Re: I’m A Victim Of Unreported Crime, John Moore, Aug. 9.

John’s Moore column is extremely disappointing. It trivializes unreported crime by citing three petty crimes that he did not report and goes so far as to use an example of a woman waiting 20 years to report that an ex-boyfriend was too forceful asking for sex.  When victimization reports show that less than 10% of sexual assaults in Canada get reported, is that really a small issue to be joked about?
While the debate on unreported crime is front-page news, reporters could be using this opportunity to speak on unreported sexual assaults, hate crimes, and domestic abuse and generate a debate on how these very real issues could be addressed. Instead reporters across the board are turning Stockwell Days comments into a satire because they don’t agree with his party’s solution. At least he is putting one on the table.
The fact is I have three close friends who have not reported serious sexual assaults this year because the justice system fails them before they even enter it. That is a story worth reading, and I wish someone would talk about it.
Sarah Sonne, Canwood, Sask.

This letter appeared in the National Post: click here.

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