A Dangerous Argument

The examples Kay Parley cites in her article Remembering The Facts as arguments for abortion on demand show a dangerous prejudice. How insulting for a person who may be handicapped, a product of rape, a product of an affair, or born to a mother who struggled with low income or depression. I wonder how they would feel reading this article.

“Would anyone want to add the child of that kind of man to the gene pool”? Are you serious? We need to be careful when we decide who should live and who should die whether we would say the same thing to a person standing in front of us who may have come from that very situation.

People throughout history have already proven that where you start doesn’t determine where you finish. And just because a woman decides she can’t raise a baby, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone else who would care for it.

This appeared in the Nipawin Journal.

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