Topless Guelph Women and Man’s Moral Dilemma

In response to this upcoming event.

I feel sorry for Guelph resident Andrea Crinklaw, who feels the need to parade her boobs in public, as if it’s going to somehow cancel the libido of the male species.

I have a tip for you Andrea: if you are tired of being gawked at when you take off your top to swim at the river, try putting it back on. Notice how fewer men stare at you when your nipples are hidden from the naked eye?

As a Vancouver resident, I unfortunately encounter boobs in public too often. And I can attest that when women show them off at family beaches or rollerblading on the seawall, there is a tension in the air that cannot be tamed. As a guy who does not struggle at all with pornography or some run-away sex drive, topless women in public make me feel awkward, extremely uncomfortable, and ashamed that I feel compelled to stare.

Vancouver has clothing-optional Wreck Beach for those who wish to parade their parts in the open. I wish that nudity was contained to that location and never had to disrupt my thoughts.

No matter how hard you try, Ontario, women’s boobs in plain sight will always bring out the carnal side of men.  We just weren’t created the same as women. As the hated/loved American political pundit Ann Coulter says: “Naked men don’t cause women to masturbate.” I wish seeing naked women didn’t cause this urge in men.

So for you women in Guelph that want to live in an equal society where you are not seen as sex objects, save your boobs for the bedroom. Because I promise that most of the men that come to watch your topless parade will leave with unholy thoughts about you that you may not wish for.

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7 Responses to Topless Guelph Women and Man’s Moral Dilemma

  1. TheFreeThinkingMan says:

    I am very much disturbed by this article. Perhaps the reason why you feel awkward and compelled to stare is because it is only a relatively new phenomenon. Might I interest you to think about how it might have been when men were first legally allowed to take their shirts off in public (I believe it was in the 30’s era). Do you think for a second that women (and many men as well) would have not taken a similar view point back then? The fact remains that as humans we are prone to conditioning ourselves to tolerate and certain things and not tolerate others. Given time, the human mind is able to adjust to all societies changes. Especially ones as harmless as top freedom for both sexes.

  2. Tyler says:

    Valid point about Men in the 30s but I still disagree. And….. 70 years later men still have to wear their shirts in stores, restaurants and at the office.

    But we appreciate you posting your opinion.

  3. TheFreeThinkingMan says:

    Yes but remember those places are not considered “public” but rather private establishments and are governed by their own regulations. I’m not a big fan of seeing hairy men’s chest while i’m fine dining either – takes away from the mood.

    Perhaps in the far future we may one day be desensitized against the sexual stigma of the human body in its entirety. It may not seem ideal by today’s standards but I believe we would be far better off.

    But may we agree to disagree. Thank you for listening.

  4. Lindsay Webb says:

    Hi, I’m one of the organizers of the Top Freedom Day of Pride in Guelph Ontario. It’s nice to see we’re getting national recognition, but it is this view point that we are trying to change by having this event. For the most part we don’t want to walk around downtown with our tops off but we believe we need to make a large downtown statement before we are able to sunbathe at the park or go to the beach topless without inappropriate gawking. We understand it will be a long uphill battle but it will be worth it in the end. Sometimes it’s just too bloody hot to wear a shirt.


  5. Kate says:

    I apologize for intruding here. I was looking for an article about this event and found your blog instead. I usually don’t post comments but I just couldn’t help it.

    It’s true that there was a time when it was taboo for men to go topless and that society has become somewhat desensitized to it, but having said that, Why would you want to be desensitized to seeing a woman topless?

    I love the way my husband looks at me naked. I love that excitement in his eyes. And I wouldn’t want to give that up for anything.

    Perhaps I should clarify. I am not shy or particularly conservative, and I don’t appreciate other people imposing their censors or beliefs on me, so I can appreciate why people may support this “cause”, however just as many people would disagree with my sexual preferences if they knew the details, but the difference is my husband and I (and our guests) don’t flaunt our choices in their face for it to impose my belief on them either. There is simply an appropriate time and place for these things. If these girls (or any) want to bare all at the beach, personal property, or private social event than I support their right to choose, but there is nothing wrong with a little modesty in public places.

    And this is just talking about adults, suppose you include kids into the equation. As if they aren’t already exposed to enough sexual material thru movies, tv, internet and games that spur them earlier into behaviour beyond their comprehension. There were a pair of Grade 7 kids in my city caught having sex on school property. Specifically, anal sex so they wouldn’t make a baby! Are you kidding me!!

    Yes, the responsibility falls on parents to teach their kids how to make good moral decisions. And when I was a kid, we talked about sex and technically I knew what it was, but without the exposure to naked bodies, erotic pictures and movies to stir up that innate carnal desire it was just some thing you would one day do as a grown up when you loved someone. I wasn’t a late bloomer. I liked boys, but kissing and holding hands was exciting on its own, and I certainly didn’t think putting it in my a$$ was a good idea at that time!! But as society opens the door to more and more public behaviour being “acceptable” it makes an already hard job for parents, even harder. And let’s be honest, why would you want to ruin some of the greatest exploration experiences of your youth by making it commonplace?

    No wonder people grow up to be bored and restless with everything in their lives, they’ve already done all the cool stuff you weren’t even supposed to even know would be awesome at 12 yrs old. So how will they get to feel that exhilaration or be outrageous when everything’s already been done?

    So I ask you, what’s left? Perhaps we should make sex in public legal too. Afterall, it is just another natural human instinct. And it’s a beautiful act of caring between two (or more, lol) consenting people. And the animals do it everywhere ……… or maybe that’s what really sets us apart.

    Again. I am sorry for intruding here, but I guess I didn’t realize just how disappointed I am.

  6. Sammie says:

    I don’t want to see men topless in public. It’s very distracting.

  7. kitchener Man says:

    I myself think that this world and the moral fabric is rolling down hill and picking up speed , this is just another exemple of it .
    Kate is right , what’s next , and for “TheFreeThinkingMan”, would you like to see your mother, daughter,sister,etc… exposing themselfs like that?
    breast are natural , yes , but also sexual in the nature , you do not see man walking arroud with no shirts but you never see a woman saying ” that guy as a nice rack ” , if we all follow your way of thinking , I gess soon we will see you parading for the right of man to go bottom less , after all is just flesh and skin.
    ” Given time, the human mind is able to adjust to all societies changes” , yes just like the frog in the pot of water , but what does happen to the frog?

    Or you thinking on this matter is just based on your own secret desires , I do belive that you not alone on this , there is also the guys with cameras and sun glasses watching the parade I belive they also share you point of view on this .
    the 60’s are dead .

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