F Bombs and Potty Mouth Come Forth

Today a US Federal Court changed course on restricting foul language on broadcast television.  And since 40% the networks aired on Canadian TV are American, parents should prepare to teach their kids some new four-letter words.

While the government’s near-zero-tolerance indecency policy, nudged into law by President Bush, definitely cleaned up the airwaves, the appeals court claims it as a violation of the 1st Amendment protection of free speech.

This shift in policy should worry Canadians, as our CRTC’s laws often follow our southern neighbors soon after.  And the statement that TV stations will ‘be sensitive between 6-10pm’ should give us absolutely no hope that swearing won’t be heard.

It may seem small, but this unfortunate turn of events reveals how the people in charge of administering these laws think, and likely what other leniencies on TV (porn, sexual acts, goriness) will follow.

Conservative groups in Canada should be encouraged to activate their efforts and preserve our relatively clean airwaves.  Let’s do what we can to keep the crass locker room language out of living rooms and away from our kids.

via LA Times


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