Mixed Emotion on G8 and G20

Canada’s atmosphere is currently electrified with both hope and disillusionment with this weekends hosting of the G8 and G20 meetings. I find a wrestle inside of myself as to whether the G8 and G20 bring about positive contributions or not. It feels like an inner battle between the possibility of justice on global issues and an overspending that releases fear into people and thrones greed as millions of dollars are spent on one meeting. It becomes a question of whether the means is worth the end and if the proposed end, will really be the end.

Undoubtedly, I agree that it is wisdom for leaders to have a space where they can convene, discuss and make decisions collectively. It creates global community and accountability. Regardless, I do not agree with overspending and using these spaces as platforms to make commitments that are words without substance.

At times within Canada, it has felt as if we are working towards this elusive idea of justice, peace and human rights. It is this destination that we work towards but we lack understanding on what it looks like and what it sounds like. We then support institutions, decisions and processes that seem to fit with where we think we are going, when in reality, we are completely lost. This is calling ignorance, community involvement; a lie can only be lived for so long.

I do applaud the posture of Harper in making maternal and child health a priority at the G8. This is a breakthrough in the status of women internationally and a critical issue that has been demanding attention since the start of history. I am challenging the nations across the world to see maternal and child health as the enforcement of life and to not even consider it to be, the termination of life.

As for Canada, I challenge you to set the pace and lead in a model of government that chooses life before death, humility before greed and practice before talk. Canada, get to a place where your values line up with your policy before you risk losing the faith of your people and the integrity of your authority before the audience of nations.

We can win this.


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