Protect life inside and outside of the womb

by Ashley Beaudin
It was recently reported that the Canadian government has been silent towards Planned Parenthood and their grant application for $18million; this is a silence that has lasted for over 11 months.

As an international organization, Planned Parenthood operates in over 174 countries, providing sexual and health programs, but most controversially, abortion-related counselling. This silence has been very loud because of Harper’s recent bold move within the G8 to oppose funding abortion in developing nations.

Harper has received disapproval for this decision and this elusive silence, but I applaud Harper for making this courageous stance. I find it ironic that we look through history and show disappointment for events that involved unprecedented levels of genocide, torture and fear. Yet in our present state, and blindly, we support and we fight for institutions, organizations and causes that involve hidden, but (an) unprecedented level of forced terminations, fear-based counselling and the killing of life and destiny.

We then pat ourselves on the back and tell ourselves we did the right thing, while close to half of a generation is left missing. When did we go and exchange our identity from “human” to “God”?

I am not interested in seeing Canada support an organization that has more interest in counselling women to take life rather than to give it. If I was interested in that kind of nation, I would move to a nation that is in the heat of war.

Part of Canadian culture is that we do not have the wisdom to see the consequences beyond our actions; rather we are moved by emotion and convenience. I believe if we saw beyond the political nature of abortion and into whom it would destroy, the life it would steal and what it would take away from the earth because of the work that would never be done, we would all raise our hands to stop the movement of abortion on the earth. Abortion is a good liar.

On the same note, it is in our interest as a people to not dare hope that abortion will no longer happen and then watch as babies outside the womb are living on the streets, abused and exploited. The moment that happens, everything else is in vain.

It is time to make a determination in our hearts and in the heart of our policy that life must be protected inside and outside the womb. If abortion rates decreased, but the foster care system became overwhelmed, child poverty increased and the brothels became full, that is as equally wrong.

This is no longer a political debate, it is no longer a moral debate, it is no longer a policy debate; this is a debate of wisdom and common sense. Planned Parenthood receiving government funding is a move of politics and it is a move that should not happen.

When I awake every morning, I will be inclined to protect life, not counsel that it be taken away. The moment we begin to go opposite of what is inside us is the moment that we have denied ourselves to satisfy something that is not us, and that is the moment we have submitted to evil.

Canada, submit yourself to good and protect your kids. If nothing else, do it for the generation of my children. They need to know that their parents loved and believed in them enough, that they were worthy of being alive.

PIC: Medic Media

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