British Pro-Abortion TV Ads Are A Wake Up Call

By Tyler Wright
This will infuriate anyone who values life.
According to this London Times article:
– 1/3 of British women have had an abortion.
– Nearly 200,000 abortions happen each year in the UK, up to 24 weeks.
– And the worst part – it sounds like it’s about to get worse.

Marie Slopes International – a pro-abortion charity that performs about 65,000 abortions a year will start running TV ads this week promoting their services.

As a nation, Canada’s social values are not much different than the UK.  And while a lot is being done by grassroots movements in Canada, this British news should prompt Canadians to do even MORE to stop the pro-abortion culture and laws in our country.  Can you imagine it going this far here?

As Canadians, we are standing with the pro-life movement in the UK, and people that are praying and working to stop this mass carnage of innocent life.


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