Bragging about Ashley

One of our team’s most accomplished writers is 21-year old Ashley Beaudin.  Ashley has an amazing gift to write powerful opinion pieces defending her moral stance on many issues.

Here are some of Ashley’s pieces that newspapers across Canada have published in the last few weeks:
Winnipeg Free Press – Abortion Stirs Debate
Guelph Mercury – Gay Pride Funding

Guelph Mercury – Abortion is a choice

London Free Press – Where is my Defender?

London Free Press – Harper is not homophobic

Orillia Packet – Gay Pride Funding

Ottawa Citizen – Stopping Forced Abortions

St. Catharines Standard – Stopping Forced Abortions

St. Catharines Standard – Rape Lay

Welland Tribune – Abortion Debate

Cottage Country Now – Abortion Debate

Yorkton This Week – Abortion Debate (Not online)
Niagara This Week – Stopping Forced Abortions (Not online)

If the old adage ‘Fight with the pen, not the sword’ is true, Ashley is a mighty up and coming warrior.

While the favour of God on Ashley is apparent, we truly believe that newsrooms across the country are eager to receive more conservative-minded articles and op-ed letters.

Join us in balancing out the content covered in our nation’s media outlets!!

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1 Response to Bragging about Ashley

  1. erin4canada says:

    Way to go, Ashley!

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