Where is my Defender?

By Ashley Beaudin
On Thursday, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson introduced legislation that would force Internet providers to report child pornography or face fines up to $100,000. It is interesting that this bill was proposed under the current atmosphere of a feisty abortion debate in Canadian politics. Both inside and outside of the womb right now, there is lack of protection and room for exploitation.

It is funny how whenever a child is diagnosed with cancer or is killed in a car accident, communities go into mass grieving. But whenever a child is aborted, there is applause and whenever a child is used for sexual pleasure, there is discomfort. We pat ourselves and carry on, yet the lives of Canada’s kids cry and bleed while we sip on martini glasses and champagne.

As a young woman growing up in Canada and one who faced injustices as they came, I always had one question on my mind, “Where is my defender?” As a small child, I saw the illusion of pornography when I was five years old on television. It took one moment to open up a world of sexuality and lust that my five year old body and mind was not made for. From that moment of violation on, there was a cry inside of me to know that I was worth being protected.

There is a generation right now inside our wombs, on our streets, and in our homes that need to know they are worth being protected. If we do not protect our children, someone will. Where we do not rise up; gangs, crime, and sexual perversion will valiantly and without mercy.

While the political world goes off debating abortion, trafficking and child porn; we can choose to forget or we can choose to make a determination that says, “If you protect my kids in policy, I will protect them at home.” Because the truth is that if you are not protecting your kids, you are protecting yourself. Let’s push our support behind this bill put forward by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson with zeal and hope for the future.

pic McMaster Faculty of Health

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