Can the iPad help save marriages?

In this recent banter between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and a bitter Silicon Valley blogger, Steve reaffirms his commitment of not allowing apps on the iPhone and iPad that include porn.

In Steve’s words to the blogger: “You might care more about porn when you have children.”

Yay Steve!  Yay Apple!  App usage is growing exponentially.  They are replacing browser use for many people, especially the younger generation.

Imagine if this trend continues, and pro-marriage and pro-family groups proactively back Apple’s products as safe, better alternatives than other computer devices.  More competitors could follow Apple’s lead.  Just imagine!

Porn absolutely destroys marriages and ruins many people’s lives, including young children who are victims of broken homes or are traded into the sex-slave industry. Surely I don’t need references for this point.

Although Apple was unfortunately very vocal about financially supporting the pro-gay marriage bill in California two years ago, it is still great to see such an iconic business and culture leader champion the anti-porn movement with such defiance and conviction.

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