Brian thinks Marci is paranoid

Ottawa Bureau Chief for Astral Media Radio, Brian Lilley blogged about his take on Marci McDonald’s new book ‘The Armageddon Factor‘, which sets out to lambaste the work and intentions of certain prominent Canadian Christian leaders.

Brian describes Marci’s stance as a “paranoid conspiracy” and highlights blatant inaccuracies in her argument.

But the clincher in his case that debunks Marci’s book as a fraud is Brian revealing Marci’s intolerance for anyone with any religious beliefs.

“…while she details the Christian right, it becomes clear that in McDonald’s world there would be no room at the table for any Christians in politics, or people of other faiths.”

Thank you, Marci, for further revealing the very apparent liberal agenda of extremely limited, conditional tolerance.

pic Brian Lilley’s Twitter


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